What size of prostate is cancerous?

For example, Al-Azab et al evaluated the prostate volumes of 1796 patients using transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) and concluded that “men with a large prostate volume (more than 72 cc) had a 20 or 5% risk of suffering from prostate cancer in biopsies, compared to men with the smallest prostate volume (less than 38 cc), who had a 65 or 8% risk of suffering from prostate cancer. The prostate tends to grow as men age. Younger men. On average, the prostate is the size of a walnut.

The most important dimension of prostate carcinoma is a simple and inexpensive predictor of prostate-specific antigen insufficiency in radical prostatectomy samples. The remaining prostate was cut in series perpendicular to the longitudinal axis from the apex of the prostate to the base, and entire sections were prepared. Because the prostate is so well hidden behind other organs, and because BPH and prostate cancer often have many of the same initial symptoms, an accurate diagnosis has been difficult to make. Unlike breast cancer, which attacks women of all ages, prostate cancer is exceptionally rare in young men; the average age of a patient with prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis is 66. However, the PSA level can also be high due to less serious causes, such as an infection or an enlarged prostate.

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